Who am I? Well, first off, I am a chosen child of God. I thank Him everyday for His relentless pursuit of me, His grace and mercy poured out for me daily, and His choice to call me daughter.

What do I do? That one is a bit of a mixed bag as He calls me down a variety of paths. For the purposes of this site, I am the Creative Ministries Director at Grace Church in beautiful Bay City, MI. (Beautiful is completely said tongue-and-cheek. As I type this, we’re experiencing yet another winter weather advisory consisting of freezing rain mixed with occasional bouts of snow. Blech!)

And, you ask, what exactly is a Creative Ministries Director? Basically, my job is to help the members of my congregation live into the mission, vision, and values of Grace Church. In a lot of ways, it means scouring books and blogs looking for creative ways to move people from the Sunday morning pew into everyday life in community. Every once in a while, I have a brilliant idea of my own, only to find that someone wrote a book on it that I just hadn’t read yet. Gotta love reinventing the wheel!